"The craftsmanship of this guitar is just wonderful! The fret board is easy to play, [it has] easy access even way up high, you don't find that on a lot of acoustic guitars. I'm use to playing real heavy electrics and acoustics and this guitar is just wonderful to have that it's really light and the tone is nice, nice beautiful tone, it rings, nice sustain. I recommend this guitar to anybody."
- Skip Frye
"[The NRS] has great playability. I can play the pieces I normally play on nylon flamenco on this. It's actually very light, almost as light as a flamenco which I've never played a steal string so light. It's got really, really good tone. You can hear the separation between notes even when you are strumming chords."
- Nathan Herrera
"This is my first time playing an NRS by Stonetree. I really, really like the craftsmanship, the action is just impeccable on the guitar, it is easy to play, it chords well, it notes well. The total quality of the guitar is immaculate, it's great!"
- Larry Jackson, Bluegrass
"Being a part of the development and design of this guitar was a dream come true. It is everything I have always wanted in a guitar. Thin, light weight, strong in acoustic tone (plugged or unplugged), beautiful to look at, durable for long days of touring and feed back free on stage. I couldn't have asked for a better guitar. The NRS Rocks! "
- Noel Rosa
"What I especially love about this guitar is how the neck feels. It is very light. I love the tone. This is the first time that a guitar of this type has impressed me so. I definitely am interested in getting one of these for myself."
- Joe Gavin, Finger-Stylist
"I absolutely love this guitar. The fit, the finish, the playability is amazing. It's incredibly light. I played a show with it and it didn't fatigue my shoulder one bit. I absolutely love how it sounds plugged in or unplugged. For me this is a guitar I would buy so I'm putting one on order."
- Tim Zeagger