About the NRS

The NRS guitar weighs approximately 3-4 lbs. making the NRS the lightest-weighing guitar in its thin-body acoustic class (Watch video). You will no longer have to rub your neck after a performance. The combination of carefully chosen tone woods, custom bracing, and resonation of the top partnered with the free flow of air in the hollow of the guitar is what gives the NRS such full acoustic volume and true acoustic tone, something not found in its competitors when played unplugged (Watch video). 

You will be amazed at the volume and acoustic tone this thin guitar delivers unplugged!  The NRS offers a variety of tuners for its customers.  The first set will lock and self-cut your strings for you eliminating the need for wire cutters.  The second set locks your strings for more precise tuning and also offers a D-tuning option allowing you to switch from standard tuning to drop-D-tuning in seconds and back to standard with a flick of a thumb.  Each NRS comes equipped with free strap locks.  With our competitor's guitars you will have to purchase your own and have them installed!

Plugged in, the proprietary B-Band film and circuitry system with its three-band EQ, phase switch and master volume control allow the NRS to have a crystal clear undistorted sound during performances. The NRS is the only thin-body acoustic with a built in blue-glow tuner which allows the tuner to be seen in bright sun light, bright light settings as well as dark stage settings.  This tuner is a new generation tuner that does not have to be plugged in to work, you can tune anywhere, anytime unplugged.  Because the NRS does not have a traditional sound hole, the NRS is impervious to feedback, freeing performers from frustrating feedback moments on stage and allowing them to focus on their music.

Another practical feature of the NRS is its thinness (Watch video).  With a special customized ATA case specifically designed for New Sound Acoustics, you can take two guitars on tour in one case and still remain under the 50 lbs. airline weight restrictions. With airlines levying overweight and extra baggage fines on each leg of your tour, this feature alone will save you hundreds of dollars if you are a touring artist.

If you want a cutting edge and innovative guitar that is all around practical, plugged or unplugged, you will love the NRS. It is like no other guitar on the market!  This guitar was designed for a new generation of acoustic players!