Creation of the NRS

The lightweight NRS thin-body acoustic-electric guitar was created by singer-songwriter and award-winning guitarist Noel Rosa after suffering a debilitating back injury while on tour. During his painful recovery Noel searched for a thin-body acoustic guitar that was light in weight and full in acoustic tone. His search left him disappointed over and over again. This prompted Noel to design his own line of American made lightweight thin-body acoustic-electric guitars.

Noel’s goal and desire was to create a high quality thin-body acoustic-electric guitar that is light in weight, full in acoustic tone, and aesthetically modern for a new generation of acoustic players with cutting edge technology. His hard work yielded what is unarguably one of the best and well thought out thin-body acoustic-electric guitars on the market today, the NRS guitar.  Noel states with a smile, “The NRS is not your grandfather’s guitar. That’s for sure, but I'm sure he'll love playing it!”  Once you play an NRS you will be amazed at how light and how loud this thin-body guitar really is!