Thin-Body or Thin-line Acoustic Which Is Correct?


I have found in the guitar world there are two schools of thought on what to call a thin acoustic guitar.  Some will call it a thin-body and some will call it a thin-line.  Which is correct? They are both correct. It is just a preference. There really is no wrong way to describe a thin acoustic guitar by using either description. I mostly call them thin-body acoustics while my friend in Maine calls them thin-line acoustics but we are speaking about the same guitar. What matters most is that the guitar is easy to play and sounds good. Thin-body, thin-line acoustics are known to help alleviate guitar shoulder or guitar elbow that some guitarist experience after playing a traditional acoustic for many years. Some guitarist may have to deal with a physical injury and can no longer play their traditional acoustics comfortably anymore so they switch over to thin acoustics (as a matter of fact that is the whole reason I created the NRS guitar because of an injury I sustained while on tour). Many guitarists that choose to switch over find that thin-body acoustics offered in the market today are too heavy. They are heavy because these guitars are made from a solid plank of wood with strings on it and they are mounted with a synthetic acoustic pickup giving their manufacturer the right to call them "acoustic-electric" guitars when they are not acoustic at all!  

The NRS is different. Traditional acoustic players truly enjoy the acoustic tone and sound they experience in the NRS.  This thin guitar is truly exceptional and it is exceptionally lightweight as well.  Those dealing with a physical limitation enjoy playing the NRS because it so lightweight and you can actually hear it when you play it unplugged.  For such a thin guitar it is amazing how it fills the whole room up with sound unlike its competitors that cannot be heard unless they are plugged into an amp.

No matter how you pronounce it, thin-line or thin-body the NRS will exceed your expectations.  For the first time you can play a super lightweight two inch thick guitar and enjoy true acoustic tone plugged or unplugged!  The NRS is the lightest and loudest thin-body, thin-line acoustic on the market right now.  Your body deserves better, stop hurting it and killing your back, play something good, play something loud, play something lightweight, play an NRS!  Your body will love you for it!

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