The NRS A True Work Of Art!


My NRS has been hard at work performing for an art gallery grand opening in Sedona, Arizona. People were not only amazed at the pure acoustic tone the NRS put out but they were blown away by it's beautiful design and wood combination!The owners of the gallery suggested I send them a few NRS guitars for them to display because the guitar was so beautiful to look at!  I thanked him and you know, maybe I'll take him up on the offer! People in droves were surrounding me asking me about my NRS.  I believe you to will experience this type of attention when you play your NRS out in public.  Just remember for every person you refer to us that purchases an NRS we will send you a $100 thank you check!  We are hoping to release the new models now by June of 2013.  The NRS is truly a work of art!

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To begin I'm not really sure if this is a serious post or not but just in case it is, I will respond. I do agree with you that the "sonic experience of opening the product up" as you mentioned should be taken seriously. Our guitars come well packed in a sturdy corrugated shipping box. The crisp snap of the shipping box lid as it opens for the first time begins to prepare you for the sound the latches make on the beautiful custom made Ameritage case the NRS comes in as the latches pop open for the first time, finally giving you access to the amazing custom guitar you've been waiting to see and hear since you ordered it. Next after the popping sound of the latches comes the sound of your own voice as you gasp in delight and hear your mouth saying "whoa!!! that is a gorgeous guitar!" Then your ears again hear your familiar voice as you gasp again in disbelief at how lightweight the guitar is when you pull it out of the case. Finally your ears go into full sonic gasm as you strum the guitar for the first time and your ears say "OH MY GAWSH!!! can a two inch thick guitar really sound this loud and full and warm before it is even plugged in? That's impossible!!!" You find yourself in heaven because your sonic hunger is fully satisfied and then you find yourself in the same predicament many others have found themselves in after purchasing an NRS. Everyone begins to get mad at you because you won't put that NRS guitar down. You find that you rather listen to the NRS's beautiful tone and sonic offerings than listening to them! So there is much truth to what you questioned on the audio sounds of branding and packaging. Just like you explained on your blog post of how one computer brand is superior in sound and feel to another, there is no greater feeling or sound in comparison to the sound the NRS makes in its guitar class. Thanks for writing in and hope you become part of the NRS family of players soon! Great "listening" to your comments and questions! Peace to you! Noel, President New Sound Acoustics

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