Launching the NRS Series


New Sound Acoustics made a choice to launch our site displaying three beautiful NRS models: the California Redwood, Hawaiian Koa and the Spruce top in Tobacco Sunburst with a nitro-cellulose finish.

The NRS guitar will soon be totally revamped and redesign for a sleeker more modern look.  Keep coming back to see the new NRS soon to be released!

4 Comments on "Launching the NRS Series"

Grimaldi Martinez says:

This guitar is awesome. I've had a chance to play one. I can't believe the tone that comes out of this thing unplugged.
Paul says:

Nice work on the website! looks awesome!
Noel Rosa says:

I just had a friend of mine that performed in front of several thousand people for a District Counsel in Florida with my Koa NRS and he begged me to use my guitar after seeing it in action. I lent it to him to use and he was blown away on how he was able to crank it up without feeding back and never distorted on stage. He loves it and wants to put an order in for one. He also kept commenting on how light the guitar is. It doesn't fatigue your shoulders. That's why I love these guitars! Great sound and they are also extremely practical.
James Haney says:

Check out the link to see pictures of Noel in action.

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