The Fun Part of Building the World's Lightest and Loudest NRS Thin Body Acoustic!


The fun part of building the world's lightest and loudest thin body acoustic guitar is choosing the wood combinations that will grace such a beautiful hand crafted guitar.  Choosing the species of wood and book matching the wood grain to create a perfect sounding guitar is similar to when an artist is choosing their paint to use on a blank canvass. 

Much time and care is taken to assure the lines of grain match up meticulously.  Much attention is paid to the wood species used in combination to create a rich and distinctive tone each guitar will produce. There is much care that goes into choosing the wood binding that will frame each beautiful top.  There is no greater joy to watch how carefully chosen slats of wood are sanded, shaped, glued and carved into works of art known as the NRS thin body acoustics.  New Sound Acoustics will always represent the highest quality of workmanship and passion in the guitar world. American handcrafted guitars for the best customers in the world is what New Sound Acoustics creates. There is no other guitar company that comes close to what we do and how we do it.

We show love and respect not only to the works of art we create for our customers but we also show love and respect to our customers even more for being brave enough to play these works of art on stage night after night around the globe. Playing an NRS makes you special, they make you stand above all other performers. We welcome you to join the growing number of NRS players around the globe! Try us and see why so many artists are loving these works of art we call the NRS by New Sound Acoustics!

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