Starting A Small Business Through Collaborative Investment


Launching a business is never easy. There are many factors that go into a successful launch. Having capital up front is helpful, but what do you do when you do not have the capital to start?  This is the dilemma I faced trying to launch New Sound Acoustics.  I was in pain and recovering from a six year debilitating back injury that left me in financial ruins, yet I knew that I had a great idea and a great product that many could benefit from. This idea also had the potential to help me get back on the road to financial recovery. Not able to qualify for a traditional loan I began to search for other alternatives. 

I forged a new path to launching my business by tapping into the kindness of collaborative investors. First, I began visiting luthiers and asking if they would be willing to help me launch New Sound Acoustics.   I continued down the path of searching and knocking on doors that lead me to so many kind people, friends, and business owners that were willing to invest in me and my idea.

Some invested financially.  Some invested with valuable advice and suggestions.  Some invested with prayers and well wishes and some invested with talents and resources. As time went on New Sound Acoustics began taking shape.  It wasn’t begun overnight and it wasn’t pretty but nonetheless it began.

People sometimes ask “How did you launch a guitar company when you were flat broke and bankrupt?”  I tell them it was through the grace of God and the kindness of collaborative investors! Collaborators helped me with their expertise, their knowledge, their counsel, their connections and sometimes their finances.  Some collaborators had machinery and shops they were willing to let me use.  Some introduced me to friends in their circles that were willing to help me reach a goal. Some lent their talents of art or machining or engineering.  I have so many people to thank and the list continues to grow.  I keep a notebook of their names so I may never forget. 

I was blessed to have found a treasure trove of people who helped and continue to help in making my dream of launching New Sound Acoustics a reality without asking anything in return.  I cannot thank these folks enough for their unselfish help, time, counsel and support. It is because of their investment and collaboration that my small business is launching in America.

If you have a desire to launch your own business but lack the funds to do so, don’t give up!  Try reaching out to people in your town or friends in your network and start making it happen! Look at the states listed next to the people on my thank you list below and you’ll see many of them are from outside my state. The power of collaborative investment is real; you just have to go and work hard and prove to the people that invest in you that their time and effort is not in vain. Collaborative investment sometimes can be as strong as any currency you could have in the bank. So stop making excuses and start making your dream a reality! 

My favorite quote says “some choose to make excuses, but I choose to make history!”  Now is your time, tap into the goodness of people who are willing to help you and believe in you and go make history!  I always say “The person who digs the deepest finds the treasure!” You won’t get anywhere if you don’t roll up your sleeves and get working! I wish you well and wish you success. May you be blessed enough to find collaborators as wonderful as the ones who helped me!

My special thanks to many of my collaborative investors: The Beretta family in, NJ, the Dean family, in FL, Tom Sharret from Demoss Cabinetry in Lakeland, FL, KO Smith from Koswerks in Brooksville, FL, Ken Bailey from Bailey’s Acoustic Shop Plant City, FL, Jeff Peterson from JC's Family Music, Lakeland, FL,  Joe Trivette, Tony Guijaro, Dawn Decominada, The Small Business Association of Polk County, Sam Bowman, Tom and Dina Huckerry, Mark Hannah, John Previte,  Joe Gavin, Mike “Smooth” Petersen, John Kendall, David Pride, Aptuitiv Web Design in Farmington, ME, Jon Hill at Bootleg Guitars, in Cleveland, OH,  Larry at Clear Fork Designs Cleveland, OH, Scott Curry from Curry Wifi, Maryville, MO, Steve at Cumberland Acoustics Franklin, TN, Tim Flynn from GWW Case Co, WI, Wayne Rogers from Goldtone Banjos, Steve Pennington, in TN, Warren Davis, in FL, Josh Leisure, in FL, Grant Thompson, in IN, Paul Martinez, in FL, Brian Rowe , in TX, Frank Fulco from Equity Title, Lakeland, FL.  I wish you peace, joy, health and abundant prosperity!



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