The New NRS Tattoo Model Rockin The Stage!


I created the first NRS Tattoo model for myself to have something special to play on stage.  People loved it so much and commented on it so much that I decided to make it into an NRS series! 

I was thinking outside the box one day and thought --"it would be cool if I could tattoo my guitar!" I immediately called my great friend and world class artist Mark Hannah. I explained my concept to him and he agreed it would be a cool project to work on.  We got together and began hacking away at the concept.  It took us three weeks to develop an ink that would not bleed into the wood or react negatively to the lacquer when sprayed. 

We created the first prototype you see here in the pictures below and I began to tour with it and show it at guitar shows.  I thought in my head "sure it's not for everyone, but maybe some people will like it." I was blown away at the response! People loved the idea of personalizing their guitar with their own artwork!

I created a working business model and reached out to local tattoo artists in our town to join New Sound Acoustics in tatting our NRS Tat guitars with our customer's art work using our proprietary ink.  It was a great and beneficial idea for our company and other small businesses in our town.  Using the talents of local tattoo artists we can now personalize and tattoo your NRS custom tat guitar and maintain production flow all while benefitting the local economy.

I will always look for creative and new ways for people to play their acoustic guitars.  For those who have tattoos and always wanted to have a guitar personalized with your artwork on it, we are here for you. For those like me who never got a tattoo but like the way they look, now you can get as many as you want!

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New Sound Acoustics a new way to play acoustics!

NRS Tat 1NRS Tat 2NRS Tat 3

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