Can A Pick Really Make A Difference On How Your Guitar Sounds?


Can a small pick really make a difference on how your guitar sounds? YES!!! When I do workshops one of my favorite segments is the picking segment. I play the same transitions several times but use a different gauge pick on each pass to show the difference in tone and volume. People are always amazed at how different one pick thickness can make in your sound! Try it at home and see for yourself! First begin with a light pick then go to medium, heavy then super thick! You will see the dynamics change considerably! So next time you want a bit more out of your guitar in a song try a heavier/thicker pick. If you want a nice and soft sound try a lighter pick. If you use a pick tree on your mic stand you can alternate picks as well! Hope this helps grow your playing! Pay me a visit at  or and tell your friends about us! Peace and happy picking!

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